The Kuno Initiative

Samrakshan's Kuno initiative in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh is located in the tribal villages surrounding Kuno wildlife sanctuary, in the Vijeypur subdivision of district Sheopur. The Samrakshan team has been working since 1999 in this region, with the severely marginalized and politically, socially and economically vulnerable Sahariya tribal community. Samrakshan's field office is located in village Agraa in the Vijaypur subdivision, on the periphery of Kuno wildlife sanctuary, which is the site for an ambitious government programme for reintroduction of a pride of the threatened Asiatic lion (Panthera leo persica ) from Gir National Park in Gujarat.

During 1999-2001, Samrakshan assisted 24 Sahariya tribal villages displaced from the Kuno wildlife sanctuary to access rehabilitation benefits promised to them at the time of relocation. Since 2002, we have undertaken a series of direct livelihood interventions in this area, focusing on livelihood security, health and education.